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(8 votes, average: 9.88 out of 10)

A kidnapped woman uses a broken phone to call a random guy for help, who must then race against time to rescue her. An exciting action/thriller with satisfying results. It is set in daylight and is entertaining rather than scary. Not for the kids, but teens and adults should enjoy it. Year: 2004 Continue Reading


(11 votes, average: 8.64 out of 10)

A retired commando is goes after the bad guys after they kidnap his daughter. Pure Arnie action. Although the plot is very simple, Arnie satisfies by destroying the bad guys. This is a veg out movie where you turn off your brain and see lots of explosions. Year: 1985 Continue Reading

Phantom, The

(9 votes, average: 4.78 out of 10)

Very much a comic book style adventure. The Phantom (a vigilante dressed in purple) is set against a villain seeking to dominate the world. Set in the 1930’s this movie has plenty of action and adventure. Suitable for the family, this is a cross between a superhero movie and Indiana Jones. Year: 1996 Continue Reading

Running Man, The

(7 votes, average: 8.00 out of 10)

In the near future (2019), a reality TV show pits convicts hoping to gain their freedom against heavily armed superstars. In comes Arnie as the wrongly convicted hero, ready to fix the corrupt system (destroy and fix may mean the same thing there). This is very much an action Arnie movie. Lots of action, violence,… Continue Reading

Star Trek

(21 votes, average: 8.90 out of 10)

A space adventure about the new crew of a starship and their quest to save a planet from destruction. This movie is set before all the other Star Trek movies and so can be enjoyed without having seen any of the others. Great visuals, lots of moments for fans to pick up on, and plenty… Continue Reading


(15 votes, average: 9.40 out of 10)

Neighbors in a small town must work together to defend themselves from giant underground monsters. Not a scream fest, just a little jumpy, but not spooky at all. Fun and adventure with people escaping from giant worms. The first is the best, but if you enjoy that, the following ones are also satisfying. Tremors: 1990… Continue Reading