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  1. I`m sorry… this is not a spam message, i just wanna help you guys, visit, i smoke and search on google for “hot-box & movies” keyword and get this site on my list, i check into the site content, the crew of the site is real movie freaks, and any movie i watch by their suggestion is very good, check it and have a nice movie time, and smoke J every day :)))))))))))))))

  2. Great selection of shows! I like seeing some of the entertaining films from the past mingled in with some of the more current offerings. Was looking for some good recommendations and found them here – Thank You

  3. what a great web site! i was looking for suitable movies for the family and your site is perfect. thanks for taking the time to set this all up. perfect!

  4. It’s not finished but I did a quick photoshop of my ideas here

    I couldn’t decide on what colours to use so I just picked a couple really quick.

    I got bored half way through doing the menu so it’s not finished. The links shouldn’t have an underline and the text should all be white with a light blue background. It should have horizontal lines between each category.

    I also didn’t bother adding the newsletter widget to the bottom right of the page.

    1. Thanks for that Kevin. I will attempt to do some of those changes, particularly the 3×3 style, if I can figure it out.
      I may still keep the sidebar columns both on the right as that has worked well for me on past sites.

  5. Image slider on homepage looks really cool

    These are my suggestions, you can take them or leave them.

    If you like my suggestions I can do up a dummy image for you to reference to code it up.

    Change favicon to tv

    Remove Archives

    Just show 9 movies on the home page in a grid (3×3) just showing the thumbnail with the title in small font underneath as a link to the page
    It’s kind of pointless clicking on the articles at the moment because your saying everything on the homepage.

    Change Categories to the left (people read from the left and along the top)
    Remove the number of posts in each category
    The years needs a main category called ‘Years’ and Uncategoried should be removed
    Remove the ‘Categories’ Widget titlename
    Don’t indent the subcategories and instead make the main category have a coloured backround like grey to match your nav bar

    I have a widescreen monitor and the page stretches across the page. It should be restricted to maybe 960 px wide
    There is too much white space! Use a border on the sides to show the limits of the page
    The header needs to be coloured to break it up from the rest of the page

    Add a home tab to your nav bar and make the bar left aligned

    Add a Newsletter subscription to the right under the ‘Most fun this month’ widget

    It’s late and I really only have time to look at your homepage but if you don’t ignore my comments and if I get time I will review your article pages as well

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Kevin.

      I will look at doing most of those suggestions. The 3×3 grid is a good idea. I will try it out and see how it works. I want it to be instantly useable and readable so I had thought the content showing would be best.

      Showing the number of movies was a way for me to track what I had covered. I have enough there now that I should remove that count.

      The site is presently 1040 wide. I thought most people’s screens were larger than that.

      I do like lots of white space, but I will see how a broder will look.
      I can easily left aligh the menu, but I was going to make it next to the logo, so I had it right aligned in preparation for that. We’ll see how much time I get to fiddle with that.

      Thanks again for your input. I appreciate it.

  6. Hi,
    Being a Korean kitchen site, there are sooo many great Korean movies that most “foreigners” would not ever think to watch, it might be a great addition (a new section). It doesn’t look like you are that active on here anymore, though. Being from the States and now addicted to great Korean love stories, I just wanted to mention it. Those that can handle subtitles, are in for a wonderful surprise. M

  7. This is a cool site. Needs a wider selection of movies though. Perhaps a little more in the synopsis field too.

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