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Real Genius

(8 votes, average: 8.38 out of 10)

Real GeniusThe fun had at a school for geniuses

A fun 80’s teen movie, full of one liners and gags. Great for those who like 80’s movies.

Suitable for mid teenagers and up. There are a few sex references, though no nudity or gross humour.

Year: 1985

Die Hard (1, 2, 3, 4)

(12 votes, average: 9.58 out of 10)

Pure action, fun, and satisfying. Die Hard 1 and 4 are particularly great. These are the kinds of movies you can rely on if you want a movie that is full of action. Lots of great lines, explosions, gun fights. Lots of dead bad guys, a fair bit of blood, and swearing (that fits the… Continue Reading