(13 votes, average: 5.69 out of 10)

GodzillaA fun movie about a giant dinosaur like creature attacking New York.

Lots of action, explosions, etc.

This is the American big budget, big special effects version.

It is very different to the Japanese Godzilla movies which have more cheesy effects but have a strong following.

Year: 1998

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Man on a Ledge

(10 votes, average: 5.60 out of 10)

A police officer threatens to jump off a building until he is proven innocent of a diamond theft.

A great crime mystery with plenty of surprises and twists.

Not too difficult to understand but not mindless either.

Definitely a satisfying movie for a Friday evening.

Year: 2012

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(14 votes, average: 6.86 out of 10)

A runaway train hauling toxic chemicals heads towards a city, while a veteran engineer and new conductor race against time to stop it.

A fast paced action movie that will give you an adrenalin fix. A great Friday night movie.

This will satisfy most groups of people and families. Although it may not be suitable for younger children, older children, teens, and adults will appreciate it.

Little swearing or graphic violence, but plenty of tense moments.

Year 2010