Aliens in the Attic

(29 votes, average: 6.83 out of 10)

Aliens in the AtticA group of children discover that aliens have invaded the attic in their holiday house. Now they fight to save the world from further invasion, before the aliens take control of the adults.

A fun movie with plenty of laughs.

Suitable for children, teens, and adults. A good family adventure.

Year: 2009

High School Musical

(21 votes, average: 5.48 out of 10)

High School MusicalJust like its name.
This is about kids at high school making a musical.

Lots of singing and dancing. Bright clothes and bright smiles.

Lots of fun dances and songs and nothing to complain about in the content (no foul language rude scenes etc).

The first in the series is the best, with the following two continuing the story until the kids graduate high school.

Target audience are pre-teens and young teens, but people young at heart can enjoy the movies as well.

Year: 2006, 2007, 2008