Hotel Transylvania

(66 votes, average: 7.06 out of 10)

Hotel TransylvaniaDracula creates a place where monsters can go on vacation and be safe from the dangerous humans. A place where he can keep his daughter safe. But when a human accidentally finds the hotel, Dracula does everything he can to keep the monsters from finding out that a human has found them.

Children will get a lot of laughs, and adults will be entertained as well. I know I was.

Fast-paced and very fun.

Year: 2012

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(16 votes, average: 5.69 out of 10)

BrigadoonTwo Americans on a hunting vacation in Scotland discover a village that is not on any map. Soon they discover that it only appears for one day every hundred years.

A classic musical with lots of dance scenes, great music, and plenty of entertainment.

This will be appreciated by anyone who likes musicals.

Year: 1954

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(27 votes, average: 8.44 out of 10)

RatatouilleA country rat with a passion to become a chef ends up in Paris and helps a young restaurant worker cook amazing meals.

Great animation, fun story, and a wonderful Pixar “Comedy with heart”.

This is sure to please the whole family.

Year: 2007

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The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

(11 votes, average: 6.55 out of 10)

The Princess Diaries 2Princess Mia has now settled in her new country Genovia, and finds out that she must get married in 30 days or she loses the throne.

If you enjoyed the first movie you will like this one.

Just as fun and entertaining family comedy.

Year: 2004

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The Princess Diaries

(13 votes, average: 7.38 out of 10)

The Princess DiariesA teenage girl gets the unwelcome news that she is the heir to the throne of a small European country. Now she must struggle with learning how to act like a princess.

A sweet and enjoyable family comedy.

Quality light Disney entertainment.

Year: 2001

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Princess Protection Program

(13 votes, average: 6.77 out of 10)

Princess Protection ProgramA princess is rescued from a country under the control of her enemy and must learn to live under protection while going to a typical American high school and enduring normal life.

Targeted at children, particularly girls, this is a light Disney Channel bit of entertainment.

Year: 2009

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Battle for Terra

(10 votes, average: 7.10 out of 10)

Battle for TerraHuman invaders attack a peaceful alien planet, forcing the inhabitants to fight for their survival.

A very well made and thoroughly enjoyable movie.

Lots of imaginative alien creatures and way of life. Exciting adventure and good story.

Suitable and entertaining for the whole family.

Year: 2007

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Astro Boy

(12 votes, average: 6.25 out of 10)

Astro BoyIn a futuristic city a scientist makes a robot with incredible powers in the image of the son he lost.

A fun and adventure filled movie suitable for children and enjoyable for all the family.

As the trailer says, Astro Boy is “built for adventure”.

Year: 2009

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Brewster’s Millions

(5 votes, average: 6.80 out of 10)

Brewster's MillionsA man inherits 300 million dollars, but to get it, he must prove he can spend 30 million of it in 30 days.

This proves more difficult than it sounds.

A fun simple comedy from the 1980’s.

Suitable for family veiwing although there is some swearing.  Teens and adults will appreciate it more than young children.

The 1945 version is even better as a screwball comedy that is very witty and full of great one liners, but is not easy to find.

Year: 1988

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(6 votes, average: 6.67 out of 10)

ExplorersThree boys discover a way to make a space ship with help of a mysterious computer circuit.

This is a fun children’s adventure, and although it does get a bit silly at times it will still entertain children and nostalgic adults.

Clean and fun.

Year: 1985

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