Battle for Terra

(10 votes, average: 7.10 out of 10)

Battle for TerraHuman invaders attack a peaceful alien planet, forcing the inhabitants to fight for their survival.

A very well made and thoroughly enjoyable movie.

Lots of imaginative alien creatures and way of life. Exciting adventure and good story.

Suitable and entertaining for the whole family.

Year: 2007

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(29 votes, average: 8.69 out of 10)

MegamindTwo alien babies are sent to Earth to escape disaster on their home planets. One with super powers and one with super intellect.

Now we see what they do with these powers and the decisions they make.

A fun movie that kids will enjoy and that is also very entertaining for adults.

Plenty of laughs, visual humour, and also a good story with a satisfying end.

Year: 2010