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Win a Date With Tad Hamilton

(13 votes, average: 6.54 out of 10)

Win a Date With Tad HamiltonA sweet, clean romantic comedy about a girl who wins a date with a famous movie star.

A simple but enjoyable story. It has some clever dialogue and is easy for many to relate to.

Year: 2004

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

(19 votes, average: 4.95 out of 10)

The fight between two opposing robot groups continues, one side supported by the US military. Even more action than the first movie. Again plenty of great special effects, humour, action, and big battles. The first Transformers is still the best, but this one is still very entertaining. Kids again will love it, and most adults… Continue Reading


(24 votes, average: 6.67 out of 10)

Big robots that transform into cars or planes land on Earth and battle each other, a lot more fun than it sounds. If you liked the cartoon as a kid, you will like this even more. If you didn’t like the cartoon, still give this a try as it is fun, full of action, has… Continue Reading