(16 votes, average: 5.69 out of 10)

BrigadoonTwo Americans on a hunting vacation in Scotland discover a village that is not on any map. Soon they discover that it only appears for one day every hundred years.

A classic musical with lots of dance scenes, great music, and plenty of entertainment.

This will be appreciated by anyone who likes musicals.

Year: 1954

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Top Gun

(11 votes, average: 7.27 out of 10)

Top GunA group of “best of the best” fighter pilots compete to be the best in the “Top Gun” training school.

This movie is what defined cool in the 1980’s.

Action, romance, great lines.

Ignore the impossible physics and just have fun.

Quote: “I feel the need. The need for speed.”

Year: 1986

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The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

(11 votes, average: 6.55 out of 10)

The Princess Diaries 2Princess Mia has now settled in her new country Genovia, and finds out that she must get married in 30 days or she loses the throne.

If you enjoyed the first movie you will like this one.

Just as fun and entertaining family comedy.

Year: 2004

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Pitch Perfect

(23 votes, average: 8.39 out of 10)

Pitch PerfectAfter an embarrassing failure at a competition, a new female college a Capella group forms bringing a misfit group of girls together to sing.

A great fun musical in the style of Bring it On, but with lots of great singing.

Plenty of great laughs, a great story, and fantastic singing.

Not suitable for children as there are lots of sexual references, but very little swearing and nothing too offensive for adults.

Year: 2012

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Just Like Heaven

(8 votes, average: 7.38 out of 10)

Just Like HeavenThe ghost of a woman tries to force out the new resident of her apartment, while he tries to figure out who she is.

A sweet romantic comedy with very little offensive material and a good satisfying story.

Year: 2005

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Hannah Montana: The Movie

(9 votes, average: 5.33 out of 10)

Hannah Montana The MovieThe secret identity of a high school girl is that she is a rock star.

Now she visits her home town in country Tennessee, but still has to hide her secret.

Another light Disney entertainment. Targeted at young teens.

It is also entertaining for a family, especially if you liked movies such as “Lizzy McGuire Movie”, “Camp Rock”, etc.

Year: 2009

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(6 votes, average: 4.67 out of 10)

GreaseGrease 2The lives of a group of high school students in their senior year.

This movie, and its musical versions, is famous for its great music and dance scenes.

Plenty of humour, satisfying dance along style scenes, and very catchy music.

Not suitable for children as it does deal with plenty of teenage issues, but this was a very popular movie for teens.

Grease 2 has a similar story to the first Grease movie. This time a new class rides motorbikes, instead of driving cars.

Not as good as the first and the music isn’t as catchy, but if you enjoyed Grease you should probably see this one too.

Year: 1978, 1982

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Yes Man

(8 votes, average: 7.88 out of 10)

Yes ManA man who hates to say yes is convinced at a seminar that he should say yes to everything, leading to some unpredictable results.

This is a lighthearted, feel good, and very enjoyable movie which Jim Carrey carries very well

Plus Zooey Deschanel does her excellent quirky style

Year: 2008

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