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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

(13 votes, average: 6.77 out of 10)

A modern version of the Jules Verne story of the discovery of a mysterious island.

The sequel to Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Her we have a similar style of storyline, a small group goes exploring for a lost island, and find it, including all its amazing differences.

This is again a fun adventure for the family. Plenty of holes in the science and plot, but still plenty of excitement.

Year: 2012

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High School Musical

(21 votes, average: 5.48 out of 10)

Just like its name. This is about kids at high school making a musical. Lots of singing and dancing. Bright clothes and bright smiles. Lots of fun dances and songs and nothing to complain about in the content (no foul language rude scenes etc). The first in the series is the best, with the following… Continue Reading