The Core

(8 votes, average: 5.13 out of 10)

Core, TheWhen scientists discover that the world’s spin may be slowing down, a group of experts is sent to the earth’s core in a special vehicle to restart the rotation of the Earth.

Although it may be very unbelievable, this is still an enjoyable adventure.

Year: 2003

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(35 votes, average: 6.20 out of 10)

2012The destruction of the surface of the world begins because of a major change in the Earth’s crust, and a few people race to get to safety.

It has amazing destruction scenes and plenty of exciting “escape from disaster” moments.

Although it is completely unrealistic, it is pure entertainment, and lots of fun.

See it on the big screen if you can.

Year: 2009

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(16 votes, average: 8.19 out of 10)

ArmageddonA mixed team is gathered to destroy a comet threatening to destroy the world.

An adventure that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It has the type of gung –ho action that Bruce Willis is famous for.

Suspend belief and have fun.

Year: 1998

Day After Tomorrow, The

(20 votes, average: 7.25 out of 10)

Day After Tomorrow, TheThe world’s weather makes a quick change over just a few weeks, leading to massive storms, flooding, and general devastation.

Although this movie does deal with some serious issues, it is a visual feast of special effects, showing great big storms, tornadoes, waves, and floods destroying cities.

The well told story focuses on a group of people in New York and their survival.

Year: 2004

Deep Impact

(14 votes, average: 6.43 out of 10)

Deep ImpactA comet is headed for Earth.

This is character based, with a good story, lots of great special effects, and obviously lots of the destruction scenes every disaster movie has.

Yes people do die, but it is a satisfying movie with a good ending.

There are sad moments but it is not a too violent or inappropriate for family viewing.

Year: 1998