Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings

Fellowship of the RingThe first of a three part story shows the start of the journey a young hobbit in his quest to destroy an ancient ring.

The ultimate fantasy movies.

A story of evil trying to overcome good and the journey of a group trying to stop it.

These must be seen in sequence and although each is great on its own are a masterpiece in total. These are a must see.

Each is long, but well worth it. With fantastic scenery, amazing special effects, and one of the greatest stories ever written made into a movie.

Watch the extended versions if you can, they are even better than the theatrical versions.

These are the type of movies that are great on a big screen and on Blue-ray will be even better.

Year: 2001

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  1. I guess not everyone likes this movie. Perhaps because it is so long. My family watches it at least once a year and completely enjoys it each time.

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