Yes Man

(8 votes, average: 7.88 out of 10)

Yes ManA man who hates to say yes is convinced at a seminar that he should say yes to everything, leading to some unpredictable results.

This is a lighthearted, feel good, and very enjoyable movie which Jim Carrey carries very well

Plus Zooey Deschanel does her excellent quirky style

Year: 2008

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The A-Team

(30 votes, average: 8.20 out of 10)

The A-TeamA top military team is accused of a crime they didn’t commit. Now they are on the run trying to clear their name.

If you liked the A-Team in the 80’s then you should like this one too.

Even if you didn’t see the old series this is worth seeing.

The A-Team has plenty of great action scenes, great lines, and is very satisfying without getting gory.

It’s the 80’s show on steroids.

A must see for action fans.

Year: 2010