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Daddy Day Care

Daddy Day Care

(4 votes, average: 9.50 out of 10)

Daddy Day CareA recently unemployed group of men decide to run a day care business from home.

A great example of building a small business, with lots of laughs and a good story in the process.

A good inoffensive family movie.

Year: 2003

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Coming to America

(9 votes, average: 8.78 out of 10)

An African Prince travels to America in search of his bride. Not a kids movie, but not too much adult stuff. This is an entertaining comedy and romance. The music at the start is especially catchy. Year: 1988 Continue Reading


(22 votes, average: 9.45 out of 10)

A very funny comedy about an ogre on a quest to save his home. This movie was even more popular amongst adults than children. It has plenty of great jokes, silliness for the kids, and sarcastic humour for the adults. Don’t treat it as an animated movie, treat it as the great comedy that it… Continue Reading