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Hannah Montana: The Movie

Hannah Montana: The Movie

(10 votes, average: 5.50 out of 10)

Hannah Montana The MovieThe secret identity of a high school girl is that she is a rock star.

Now she visits her home town in country Tennessee, but still has to hide her secret.

Another light Disney entertainment. Targeted at young teens.

It is also entertaining for a family, especially if you liked movies such as “Lizzy McGuire Movie”, “Camp Rock”, etc.

Year: 2009

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17 Again

(21 votes, average: 7.90 out of 10)

A nearly divorced father of two teenagers suddenly gets turned into a 17 year old and tries to solve his problems by enrolling at his children’s high school. A very entertaining movie. Plenty of laughs and a good basic message. Zac Effron shows how good an actor he is, playing a 30 something man stuck… Continue Reading