Michelle Pfeiffer



The lives of a group of high school students in their senior year. This movie, and its musical versions, is famous for its great music and dance scenes. Plenty of humour, satisfying dance along style scenes, and very catchy music. Not suitable for children as it does deal with plenty of teenage issues, but this …

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A fantasy adventure about a young man seeking a fallen star in an unknown land. Full of action, excitement, adventure, humour, and a completely satisfying story. Teenagers and adults should enjoy. Not for young children, and it’s best if older children watch under adult supervision. Year: 2007


Set in 1960’s Baltimore USA, about a high school girl who wants to get on the local TV dance show. The characters are likeable, the music is energetic and it’s the kind of movie where you want to get up and dance with the audience. Year: 2007