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Wedding Singer, The

(16 votes, average: 8.88 out of 10)

It’s the music that makes this movie. If you like 80’s music or have fond memories of the 80’s you will love this. Simply put, this is about a wedding singer and the girl he falls in love with. Romantic comedy. This is not one of those stupid humour style Adam Sandler movies. Very fun.… Continue Reading

Better Off Dead

(11 votes, average: 9.36 out of 10)

Fun teenage comedy about a boy who wants to conquer the local ski slope. Teens should enjoy, but will be even more appreciated by adults who love the 80’s. A classic 80’s movie. This is the kind of movie that made John Cusack famous. Continue Reading

Police Academy

(8 votes, average: 7.00 out of 10)

A series of movies about the exploits of new recruits at a police academy. Not to be taken seriously at all. Plenty of slapstick humour, funny pranks, and lots of laughs. These movies are supposed to be silly, and certainly are. The first movie in the series is the best, with each following one not… Continue Reading