Charlie’s Angels

(8 votes, average: 6.75 out of 10)

Charlie's AngelsCharlie's Angels: Full ThrottleThree female agents, each with their own unique personalities and attitudes, work for a mysterious benefactor named Charlie, and save people from evil villains.

This is based on the famous 70’s show, and is just as or even more fun.

Action, adventure, romance, and a great mix of humour makes this a movie worth watching.

If you enjoy this one, Charlie’s Angels 2 (Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle) is also entertaining.

Year: 2000, 2003

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Whip It

(18 votes, average: 8.11 out of 10)

Whip ItA teenager joins a women’s team in the Austin roller derby.

Roller skating sports with attitude.

Plenty of entertainment for both women and men. Whip It does not focus on the struggles of being a woman in a male dominated arena like some movies do. This is purely about a girl finding something she can be good at.

Watch for some great laughs by Drew Barrymore.

Year: 2009

Titan A.E.

(8 votes, average: 8.13 out of 10)

Titan AEA science fiction adventure about a young man and his search for the technology his father left behind to save humanity from an alien bent on destruction.

Great storyline, imaginative adventure in space, and thoroughly entertaining.

Something for children, teens, and adults.

Year: 2000

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50 First Dates

(21 votes, average: 8.43 out of 10)

50 First DatesJust as good as “The Wedding Singer”, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore make a great match in this romantic comedy.

Great laugh out loud scenes, great scenery in Hawaii, fun premise (every date is a first date for a girl with amnesia).

If you want a good romantic comedy, this is it.

Year: 2004

Wedding Singer, The

(16 votes, average: 8.88 out of 10)

Wedding SingerIt’s the music that makes this movie.

If you like 80’s music or have fond memories of the 80’s you will love this. Simply put, this is about a wedding singer and the girl he falls in love with.

Romantic comedy.

This is not one of those stupid humour style Adam Sandler movies. Very fun.

Year: 1998