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(6 votes, average: 7.17 out of 10)

Fans of romance should love this. A classic Jane Austin story, though not strict to the book. A fairly light movie with some good humour and lots of phrases to quote. There is nothing here that is not suitable for children, but it probably won’t interest them. It is suited to teenagers and up. Year:… Continue Reading

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

(8 votes, average: 8.75 out of 10)

Not the TV series, but the movie that came some years before. A fairly light hearted vampire movie, with lots of jokes and one liners. Not for kids, but teenagers and adults who appreciate a light thriller should appreciate it. It’s more tongue in cheek comedy than horror or scary. Year: 1992 Continue Reading


(11 votes, average: 9.45 out of 10)

Cute furry creatures that turn into ugly green monsters if they eat after midnight. Lots of fun, was a great movie for generating toy sales. This will entertain the children (not too young though), young teenagers, and adults who appreciate a bit of silly fun. Year: 1984 Continue Reading

Incredibles, The

(26 votes, average: 9.46 out of 10)

A family of superheroes live undercover, until they must save the world. A fantastic, fun, and completely enjoyable movie for adults and children alike. There is plenty of action, comedy, and excitement. There is more in this movie for adults than most animated movies. Note that it is rated PG, not just G, it may… Continue Reading

Grosse Pointe Blank

(12 votes, average: 8.08 out of 10)

A hitman goes back to his home town for his 10 year high school reunion. Lots of comedy, and a fair amount of action as well. Not suitable for children. Rated R, because of the violence (not gore though). If you are a fan of John Cusack, this is a must see. Year: 1998 Continue Reading