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(7 votes, average: 6.86 out of 10)

An agent whose job it is to erase the lives of people in witness protection, now finds himself on the run.

Plenty of action, some cool weapons, and complete entertainment.

Very definitely an Arnie action movie.

Year: 1996

Total Recall

(10 votes, average: 8.20 out of 10)

In a future where people can take a holiday just by having the memory of one implanted in their mind, a man must find out if his memories are real, and if so discover what is so important on Mars. Lots of Arnie action. The story is exciting and entertaining, and even has a bit… Continue Reading


(4 votes, average: 8.00 out of 10)

An early Arnie comedy. A near perfect man searches for his twin brother, who is anything but perfect. A light comedy with plenty of  laughs and lots of fun. Year: 1988 Continue Reading


(11 votes, average: 8.64 out of 10)

A retired commando is goes after the bad guys after they kidnap his daughter. Pure Arnie action. Although the plot is very simple, Arnie satisfies by destroying the bad guys. This is a veg out movie where you turn off your brain and see lots of explosions. Year: 1985 Continue Reading

Running Man, The

(7 votes, average: 8.00 out of 10)

In the near future (2019), a reality TV show pits convicts hoping to gain their freedom against heavily armed superstars. In comes Arnie as the wrongly convicted hero, ready to fix the corrupt system (destroy and fix may mean the same thing there). This is very much an action Arnie movie. Lots of action, violence,… Continue Reading