(8 votes, average: 6.13 out of 10)

SaharaAn adventurer searches for lost treasure hidden aboard a lost US civil war ship.

A fun and entertaining adventure mixing a good story and action scenes that make it a crowd pleasing blockbuster.

A mix of Indiana Jones and National Treasure

Year: 2005

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The Core

(8 votes, average: 5.13 out of 10)

Core, TheWhen scientists discover that the world’s spin may be slowing down, a group of experts is sent to the earth’s core in a special vehicle to restart the rotation of the Earth.

Although it may be very unbelievable, this is still an enjoyable adventure.

Year: 2003

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(39 votes, average: 9.44 out of 10)

UpA man goes on the adventure of his life, by tying thousands of helium filled balloons to his house and flying to South America

A great movie with entertainment for adults and children.

There is plenty of adventure to entertain and also meaningful scenes that adults should love.

Fun for the whole family.

Year: 2009

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