The Proposal

A domineering boss forces her assistant to agree to a fake marriage so she can avoid deportation. He then blackmails her for a promotion. A very enjoyable romantic comedy that is sweet and clean. Make sure to watch the scenes in the credits for a bit of extra story. Year: 2009

The Burbs

A man on holidays gets suspicious of his neighbours and their strange night time actions. A great comedy, where the characters are even more interesting then the storyline. It is a simple yet fun satire about nosey neighbours and life in suburbia. Year: 1989


A high school graduate has trouble getting into university and so starts his own. Plenty of humour. This will especially appeal to university students and those who like to remember their college days. It’s not a crude or rude movie, and is mostly clean fun. Year: 2006


A man goes on the adventure of his life, by tying thousands of helium filled balloons to his house and flying to South America A great movie with entertainment for adults and children. There is plenty of adventure to entertain and also meaningful scenes that adults should love. Fun for the whole family. Year: 2009