The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

(11 votes, average: 6.55 out of 10)

The Princess Diaries 2Princess Mia has now settled in her new country Genovia, and finds out that she must get married in 30 days or she loses the throne.

If you enjoyed the first movie you will like this one.

Just as fun and entertaining family comedy.

Year: 2004

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This Means War

(14 votes, average: 7.36 out of 10)

Two CIA operatives who are best friends fall for the same girl, and battle each other for her attention.

The critics didn’t seem to like it, and it does have some sexual references that put it outside of family viewing.

But on the whole, it is a light romantic comedy, a bit silly, but still entertaining.

Is it great? No. But it is fun.

Year: 2012 Watch Trailer


(14 votes, average: 6.86 out of 10)

A runaway train hauling toxic chemicals heads towards a city, while a veteran engineer and new conductor race against time to stop it.

A fast paced action movie that will give you an adrenalin fix. A great Friday night movie.

This will satisfy most groups of people and families. Although it may not be suitable for younger children, older children, teens, and adults will appreciate it.

Little swearing or graphic violence, but plenty of tense moments.

Year 2010

Star Trek

(21 votes, average: 8.90 out of 10)

Star Trek

A space adventure about the new crew of a starship and their quest to save a planet from destruction.

This movie is set before all the other Star Trek movies and so can be enjoyed without having seen any of the others.

Great visuals, lots of moments for fans to pick up on, and plenty of adventure.

Year: 2009